Exquisite Whispers is an art project which combines the games of Exquisite Corpse and Chinese Whispers  

Its aim is to illuminate how messages and stories evolve in their re-telling, by experimenting with communication via images and texts in a free and creative way

The first Exquisite Whispers project (EW1) took place during November and December 2014, when 16 people from different creative backgrounds, across 6 cities, produced a series of 14 inter-linked artworks.  The second (EW2) was during March, April and May 2015 when 21 people in 7 cities created 20 inter-linked artworks. 

The third project (EW3) ran between February and May 2016.  This time 23 people in 7 cities created 11 images and 12 texts which also interlink, in an alternating fashion.

These artworks are presented on this website, in the sequence in which they were produced


In EW1 and EW2 each person saw only the previous artwork in the series.  Their brief was over the course of 3 days, to create a new version of the artwork before scanning or photographing it and emailing it to the next person who would repeat the exercise

In EW3 a similar process took place, except that each image inspired a text and each text inspired an image

Much like Chinese Whispers, the aim was to repeat or re-tell the story to the next person in the sequence, each time from a different angle.  The re-telling could involve adding or omitting features or characters, a simplification or change of viewpoint, a change in the time of day or of the style, medium or tone of the piece

The only rule was that some primary element of the content should remain, so that the evolution of the story would be apparent.  Format, size and medium were all free.  The evolution was organic, without a plan or intereference from a curator


The project was conceived and organised by Robert Nisbet in Berlin

Contact:  nisbet.robert@gmail.com

Read more here about the background to the project